Hersey Buckets
- handcrafted wooden buckets
Established 1635

Who builds buckets by Hersey Buckets?
Bill Hersey, a direct descendant of William Hersey, founding father of Hingham, Massachusetts, continues the tradition of coopering today to make these hand crafted buckets.

Who is Hersey Buckets?
Hersey Buckets is the continuation of the many centuries old tradition of coopering with fine materials and attention to detail.

How quickly can you make a bucket?
A bucket is at least a day’s work. Buckets are always being made, so buckets are on a first-come, first purchase basis.

How can I buy a Hersey bucket?
Visit our shop section to purchase a bucket. Our entire lineup of products is available to view and purchase.

What makes these buckets unique?
Hersey Buckets follows the same techniques used centuries ago by the original Hersey coopers of Hingham. No one else in the world does this.

Does anyone else sell Hersey Buckets?
We are the only place to get authentic Hersey Buckets. These are handcrafted with pride just like they were back then.

Accordion Style

Visit our shop section to buy a bucket. We accept cash, check, or PayPal.
We have stock ready to go, but in case we have a backup on a certain item, your item should be ready in a few weeks. Most items are ready sooner and will available right away for purchase.
Buckets can be picked up at a meeting place or delivered. We are in the midst of sorting out shipping costs and arrangements. If you would like a bucket shipped to you, please contact us and we can do so on a per-order basis.
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