Hersey Buckets
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Established 1635

Hersey Buckets Established
In 1635, Hersey Buckets was established in Hingham, MA by the Hersey Family. Their buckets were sold to the highest bidder in the Boston area.

Rediscovering Reuben Hersey's Toy & Box Manufacturer
Toy and wooden artifacts over 375 years old were discovered on the Hersey family farm in Hingham, MA, left untouched for hundreds of years.

The Bucket Making Tradition Continues
Bill Hersey, descendant of an original Hingham founder and cooper Reuben Hersey, picks up the legendary craft of bucket making with Hersey Buckets.

How Did Hersey Buckets Begin?

Hersey Buckets handcrafted wooden bucketsOne of the five founding fathers of Hingham is from the Hersey Family. In Revolutionary times and through the centuries ahead, the family would take a horse-drawn wagon to the Boston piers to sell their own handmade buckets to the highest bidder. These buckets were known for their functionality, style, and longevity. Hingham, affectionately dubbed Bucket Town, would later be known for its skilled wooden artisans, and the Hersey family were at the forefront of the wooden toy and bucket manufacturing boom.

For generations, the Hersey Toy Shoppe sat untouched on the Hersey Farm just the way it was left — a virtual time capsule of an era gone by, perfectly intact. That provided the groundwork for Hersey Buckets.

Today, Hersey Buckets are continuing the legacy of their ancestors. William Hersey, founder of Hersey Buckets, is the skilled, go-to person for handcrafted buckets just like they used to make in Bucket Town. With a background in woodworking labor, bucket making came natural to William. Each bucket is carefully handcrafted with only the finest pine and oak materials. With many day’s work going into a single bucket, you can see the attention to detail in every grain. Take a look for yourself in the bucket shop here on this website (and picture one in your kitchen, living room, or as the ideal gift for family and loved ones).

– William Hersey, owner of Hersey Buckets

Bill Hersey

William Hersey



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